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World got it’s first livestock gene bank

Gene BankNow a day, scientists are trying to preserve the genetic heritage of crops and animals by the technique called gene bank. Gene banks are a type of biorepository which preserve genetic heritage or material of any plant or animal. In crops and wild plant species, this is by the freezing of cuts of plants, or stocking the seeds, while in animals and their wild relatives, this is the freezing of sperm and eggs in zoological freezers until further needs. As well as protecting biodiversity, gene banks provide important information on plants as well as animals for their adaptability to difficult environmental conditions.

Animals play a crucial role in the world’s food production and nutrition in all over world, but currently there is no such facility for livestock, to preserve their genetic material.  International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), based in Nairobi, Kenya ILRI is decide to tackle this problem effectively and inexpensively. They are going to create world’s first animal’s gene bank.

Gene banks are not only useful for protecting endangered species and wild relatives of both plant and animal; they are also a precious and importance research tool as it provide importance details related any biodiversity which directly affect the way of further research. Scientists are aware that climate changes will significantly impact both on plant and animal biodiversity related to their adaptability and survival, and that each species will react differently. Some will be able to adapt to the extreme weather conditions, temperature changes and changing soil conditions predicted, and researchers hope to learn from this. By building gene banks, they are hopeful to create gene pools to search in — with the ultimate goal of developing new strategies to tackle future environmental challenges.

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