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Control of giant African snail in horticultural crops.

The Giant African Snail has been considered the most important snail pest in the tropics and subtropics and perhaps the world. However, its agricultural impacts may have been exaggerated, the nuisance factor perhaps being more important. ...

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Toxic Substances in Banana Plants Kill Root Pests

Bananas are a major food staple for about 400 million people in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. However, banana yields worldwide are severely threatened ...

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Botrytis cinerea, an aggressive fungal pathogen causes Mold in Fruits

The team led by a molecular plant pathologist at University of California, Riverside discovered a novel “virulence mechanism”, the mechanism by which infection takes place of Botrytis cinerea, an aggressive fungal ...

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Managing nematode infestation in banana

Nematode infestation is one of the major limiting factors in banana production. Burrowing nematode, root-lesion nematode, spiral nematode and root-knot nematode are the major nematodes associated with banana. These cause ...

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