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About Us

INTRODUCTION bought to you by Covet Enterprise Solutions Inc.

AGRICULTURE is the principal source of livelihood for more than 58% of the population of India. It provides the bulk of wage goods required by non agriculture sectors and most of the raw materials for the industries sector. A macro study of Indian agriculture in the last 50 years shows significant shifts in agriculture strategy as well productivity.

As the usage of internet continues grow at the potential rate, easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. Today, Technology and internet become part of day to day life.

After going through a lots of brainstorming we finalize to create something which will be helpful to Agriculture. The basic idea behind creating is to serve all the information and knowledge related to agriculture sector under one single portal. We have included different sections like, News, Markets, Finance, CropCare, Technology Updates, Government Schemes, Reviews, Events and Jobs & Careers.


  • To spread latest happening in agriculture sector.
  • To share important information like Agri-Finance, Insurance, Subsidies, Latest Govt. Schemes.
  • To Share knowledge about latest technology and research in Agriculture.
  • To find progressive farmers and share their success stories.
  • To make you up to date with latest information related to agriculture.


As the popularity of the internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable access to information is becoming a necessity of life. We are keen to share the knowledge, latest information, and experience on the very common portal.